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Natchez is the westernmost city in Mississippi, standing some 200 feet above the Mississippi River - the highest promontory north of the Gulf of Mexico.

Adams county takes up 460 square miles of Southwestern Mississippi, 67% of which consists of commercial forest.

Distances to Other Major Cities(Miles)

Alexandria, LA 60
Atlanta, GA 505
Baton Rouge, LA 90
Dallas, TX 390
Houston, TX 307
Jackson, MS 105
Memphis, TN 295
Mobile, AL 239
Shreveport, LA 190
New Orleans, LA 170
Gulfport, MS 226


Adams County Supervisors are elected from five districts. Natchez has a full-time elected Mayor, with Aldermen elected from six wards.


All Mississippi residents and businesses pay state income tax. Income from federal, state and private retirement systems is exempt.
State Sales Tax:

  • Consumer goods and services 7%
  • Lodging (Natchez and Adams County) 10%
  • Dining (Natchez and Adams County) 8.5%

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Natchez is 90% of the national average. The greatest savings is in housing, healthcare and state/local taxes.

Range for three bedroom, two bath home: $108,000 - $235,000

Financial Institutions

There are four banks with one or more branches in Natchez:


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Southwest MS Electric Power
Copiah-Lincoln Community College
Natchez Chamber of Commerce
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Natchez, Inc.
Economic Development

100 S. Pearl Street
P.O. Box 700
Natchez, MS 39121


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